Pull request checklist

Please review the following items before submitting a pull request. This list can also be used when reviewing pull requests.

Follow the style guide

The following items are taken from the C++ style guide. But even though I’ve read the style guide, they regularly trip me up.

  • Run clang-format using the git-clang-format script from LLVM HEAD.

  • Make sure that all source lines have 80 or fewer characters. Note that clang-format will do this for most code. But you may need to break up long strings.

  • Review declarations for proper use of constexpr and const.

  • Follow the C++ naming guidelines

  • Ensure that the names evoke their purpose and are consistent with existing code.

  • Used braced initializers.

  • Review pointer and reference types to make sure that you’re using them appropriately. Note that the C++ style guide contains a section that describes all of the pointer types along with their characteristics.

  • Declare non-member functions static when possible. Prefer static functions over functions in anonymous namespaces.