OpenACC in Flang

Intentional deviation from the specification

  • The end directive for combined construct can omit the loop keyword.

  • An !$acc routine with no parallelism clause is treated as if the seq clause was present.

  • !$acc end loop does not trigger a parsing error and is just ignored.

  • The restriction on !$acc data required clauses is emitted as a portability warning instead of an error as other compiler accepts it.

  • The if clause accepts scalar integer expression in addition to scalar logical expression.

  • !$acc routine directive can be placed at the top level.

  • !$acc cache directive accepts scalar variable.

Remarks about incompatibilities with other implementations

  • Array element references in the data clauses are equivalent to array sections consisting of this single element, i.e. copyin(a(n)) is equivalent to copyin(a(n:n)). Some other implementations have treated it as copyin(a(:n)), which does not correspond to OpenACC spec – Flang does not support this interpretation of an array element reference.